Lineage 2 Khal

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23/08/2018 00:53
High Five
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Server Features

XP Rate: 1000
SP Rate: 1000
Adena Rate: 1000
Drop Rate: 1000
Max Enchant: 20
Safe Enchant: 16
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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Features High Five Part 5 chronicle Community Board with everything you need! Rates x5000 Instant Lv85 Start free with +10 equipped Elegia items and Raid Jewels! Subclasses limit 10 Subclasses max level 85 Certifications allowed in subclasses GM Shop full, everything for adena Scheme buffer, enchanted +30/+15 buffs, 5 hours duration All buffs available (except Kamael) 32+4 buff slots, 16 dances Safe +16 (Blessed scrolls) --> 100% (1 click ) Max +20 (Divine Scrolls) --> (+17 = 55% | +18 = 44% | +19 = 33% | +20 = 22%) Divine scrolls are obtainable through bosses & events Attribute max lvl 7 100% (1 click) Farm Zone Vortex Zones for summoning raidbosses Epic Zones Clan Reputation obtainable through PvP / Raiding / Champion mobs. PvP Reward PvP Arena with three modes (Team, Solo, PvP) Olympiad system (10 hours long | enchant limit to +6) Heroes selected every friday Territory Wars every week (Saturday 15:00 server time) Castle Siege every week (Sunday - 4 schedules) use command /time ingame to stay informed about server time. Restrictions: Support class restriction during the week (Monday~Friday). 3 supports per party limit. However Saturday~Sunday there are no limits. Armor restriction according to classes system (Archers, Dagguers & GK cant use heavy armors) Buff restriction according to kamaels (Pride of Kamael is a selfbuff. Cannot be given to other kamael classes) Account security and scam protection .lock your account to your computer in order to pervent scams. Custom: Cancel and Steal Divinity return buffs Steal Divinity works like a simple cancel outside of the olympiads Dressme system (Goddess of Destruction Armors, Weapons and more!) Custom +1 Talismans (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIT, MEN). Can be obtained through PvP Medals & Boxes. New AutoPotion system (.autocp | .autohp | .automp | .autosoul), once you activate it it is saved forever. Class cloaks / Hero cloaks / Exalted cloak / Winged cloaks (Radiant Cloak & Cold cloak of darkness) - each gives different stats. … and much more!