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15/03/2020 10:07
Server Type:

Server Features

XP Rate: 1000
SP Rate: 1000
Adena Rate: 1
Drop Rate: 1
Max Enchant: 25
Safe Enchant: 16
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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*Server rate x2000. Starting level 79, free items from shop is auto +6 (free weapon +20). To start game is very simple and easy also very comfortable. *Perfect gameplay for solo and group players. You can make all journey in solo mode (except Hard Core Raids, it can be complicated to do alone) *Enchant scrolls +6 > +13 = 100% *Coupon scrolls +13>+14>+15 =100%, +15>+16 =50%, +16>+17 =40%, +17>+18 =30%, +18>+19 =25%, +19>+20 =20%. *** IF FAILED STAY SAME ENCHANT NUMBER *FREE CLAN SKILLS AND LEVEL 8 ! Special reputation item from all Raid Boss. *Player auto farm system, 3 windows per on IP. Auto farm working with 2 windows in game. (command .farm). Captcha Farm Bot checking in 20mins,60mins, 120mins. *SHIFT + Target Mob or Boss, you can see all drop. *Use .dressme and change your armor skins. All no custom armor skins is free ! Also about 30 unique Skins. *Olympiad with great gameplay. NO CUSTOM ARMOR-WEAPON, ONLY SPECIAL OLYMPIAD ITEMS. Start-End time: 18.00-00.00 GMT+2. Max enchant in oly +6. Olympiad items from shop is auto +6, augments is enable, sub class have Hero skills. *Heroes changed every Sunday 00:00 GMT+2. Wings of Destiny Circlet stats same like Hats lvl 2. *Hero weapons working - Enchant enable, Augment disable. Stats same like Weapon Lvl 3 + weapon unique bonus. *New Heroes win from player Achievements unique Aura Snow (Stats same like Hats Lvl 2 and inventor slot). *Olympiad class is balanced and all time cheking (also pvp) !!! *Augment System 1+1 (active + passive) Mid LS 5%, High LS 10%, Top LS 15% chance to get skill. *Use your weapon, to add augment just need to click twice on the LifeStone. *Full Buffer with resists (class balance always handled). GOOD PVP BALANCE !!! *Commands: .menu .votereward .boss .dressme .boom .tmevent .farm *Auto HP/MP/CP Pots. *Premium players system. Free all skins, title name colors and special premium buff. NO PAY TO WIN ! All players also can get premium from solo gameplay, several ways. *EVENTS: TvT / DM / CTF / TOURNAMENT 1x1 2x2 4x4. *Color tittle name NPC. / Top 10 players NPC. / Market NPC Buy or Sell players items and also augment weapons / CASINO SQUASH SHOP. *Working Castle Siege every week. Castle registration NPC is in towns. Giran, Goddard, Aden, Gludio, Dion. *Castle Clan Member Circlet - Inventor use Hat slot. Stats same like Hats Lvl 2. *Lord Castle Clan Leader Crown - Inventor use Hat slot. Stats same like Hats Lvl 2. *Player mission quests NPC with special auto rewards. *UNIQUE BUFF ITEM FOR 5 MINS. +100 p-m def, easy collect. Cant use both with "High Unique Buff" *HIGH UNIQUE BUFF ITEM FOR 15 MIN. +150 p-m def, medium collect. Cant use both with "Unique Buff" *MYSTERY BOX ITEM. *Special items upgrade system. *Epic Dark Armors Lvl 1 FREE / Dynasti Armors Lvl 2 Main / Gotten Armors Lvl 3 Top. Do you like more No Custom Armors ? Text command .dressme and take free No Custom Armor skins. *Weapons Lvl 1 FREE/ Lvl 2 / Lvl 3 / Lvl 4 / Lvl 5 TOP. *Tatto Lvl 1 FREE / Tatto Lvl 2 - Lvl 8 TOP ( Tatto Lvl 7 - Lvl 8 - NO DONATE ITEM) *Hats Lvl 1 FREE / Hats Lvl 2 TOP. Stats +250 p-m def, +16 run speed, +1000 Hp. With unique gameplay. *Archers maximum atack speed with best items about 1300-1350 / Mage maximum casting speed with best items about 2200-2350 *Total 32 Raid Boss. Respawn time 30 min - 12 hours. *Special Raid Boom system to call your unique Raid Boss. *Raid BooM Event Zone duration 15 minutes. Command .boom *Unique PvP Zone with gameplay, mobs and drop. Maps changed auto every 20 mins. *Anti DDOS protect. STABLE SERVER UPDATES AND LONG SEASONS. *FISHING SYSTEM WITH GOOD REWARDS. Simple to use, more for chill. *Perfect server quality, gamestyle with great economy and all this is created with love and players help. Good Luck !