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24/04/2021 12:28
Jordy Vardy
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XP Rate: 30
SP Rate: 30
Adena Rate: 15
Drop Rate: 15
Max Enchant: 18
Safe Enchant: 3
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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What is Stack Sub 1 + 1? On the server, you can create a character with 2 classes. For example, you can choose the professional Destroyer + Paladin and get skills from two classes. At level 80, a choice of any extra is available. profs. What chronicles? To play on the server you need HI5 Cleint! Interlude based on a new client (More about the client). Skill mechanics, items, drop, correspond to the chronicles of Interlude, with the exception of new content. There are skills from the chronicles above for some classes (More) In the future, there will be locations before the HF chronicles. Are there any additions? Yes, additional content interacts with standard lineage 2 resources. Improvement is carried out through the enchant system, one of the most favorite activities of players in L2 (enchant items) Scrolls can be bought for standard resources, knocked out from some monsters, RB, or received for events. At the moment, each item can be upgraded to +15. Every +5 levels, the required scroll changes. The chance of enchanting is - 60%, but the item cannot be broken as it happens with normal equipment or weapons. The main idea is: As simple as possible to implement new items (Without the need to exchange one item for another) Players will be able to get any standard decoration or cloak, by quest, from RB, fishing, and it can be improved. Several ways to improve items. At the moment, the following has been implemented: Tattoo Cloak Accessory What about shops, NPCs, equipment? All shops in the cities are standard. Equipment up to C Grade for adena. Loot A grade, S grade classic variant according to the Interlude chronicles. In giran you can find a blacksmith and mammon trader There is a comfortable Alt + b with everything you need The maximum level difference between the attackers and the raid, as well as its minions, is level 21. There is no drop or spoil penalty. You can receive drops from monsters of any level, the character level does not matter. There is no Penalty for leaving the clan. Maximum characters in the game from one pc = 3 Rates: Xp/Sp: х30. Adena: x15. Seal Stones: x15. Drop/Spoil: x15. Rb drop: x1. Quests Drop: х1-х6 (increased for some quests ) Manor: Off Buffer with all buffs. (Buffs with character level checks, such as Chant Of Victory can only be used at level 61+) 60 slots, effect time 90 minutes. Automatic learning of skills. Profession - Free. Getting a sub class without a quest. Shortened quest for nobles. There is no penalty for leaving the clan. Global chat. Mana Potion. Offline trading (Included by the .offline Command) Alt B with a shop, buffer. Multi mammon in giran. Monsters are champions with increased xp and sp drops from level 35. Maximum sharpening for all types of equipment +18 The ability to learn spoil skills for any class.