Mithril Mines

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15/02/2023 20:24
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XP Rate: 5
SP Rate: 5
Adena Rate: 1
Drop Rate: 1
Max Enchant: 16
Safe Enchant: 3
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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Hello everyone! I'm vey exited to share a few words about our server..! My idea was to create a classic server up to B-Grade gear, with hardcore enchant and farm. I've collected the best features from all Lineage 2 clients ,From C 1 to last client of Essence. I used one of late clients as base and fully reworked to remove all those features that us old school players don't like, like skins auto farm and many others. I also fully reworked almost every single item and skill but always keeping the Classic Style intact. And lastly, I've remade formulas for skill damage, created new debuffs, new item sets , enabled old school armors like Robe of Seal by giving them their own bonuses!. It will be a challenge to complete our project since I want to add much more features, but for one person it's jsut a lot of work. There server is playable, but as of now, we are missing, as the server goes on I will add everything that's missing and fix everything that's not working properly (with your help! of course!) One of my main focus is our PvP system , all classes are relevant since we don't use mana potions, and our NPC buffer ONLY offers you basic buffs , supports are reworked but kept their own identity intact, BD is SEMI support and a SEMI damage dealer , PP is support with extra buffs/debuffs but low heal power ... everything will be detailed on the class information post. Classic Remastered x5 No Custom Max B Grades Max 78 LvL Difficult Echant Rates Remastered Support Classes No Mana Potions No Skin System , doesnt fit with server theme No Auto Farm Premium Anti Bot And much more to discover in game!!! We are back after 6 years !!! <3